Monday, July 4, 2011

Update on the last few months…

So it has been a while since we have blogged and since Levi did it last time, I guess it is my turn.
So here is a quick rundown of the last few months.

Last winter while Levi was up on the slope I tried to keep myself busy so I joined the Fairbanks Community Band and when it was warm enough, I tried to get out and do some skiing.

Last January we had a pretty big snowstorm that knocked down a couple trees on our property one of them took our the power line that connects to our cabin. Since there was so much snow that weekend and so many people without power I didn’t have power to the cabin for about 3 days. It was kind of interesting with Levi and our landlords being out of town, but I managed to heat the cabin by turning on the propane oven and leaving it open for a couple hours at a time. Also the water pump needs power I didn’t have water during that time either, good thing I have a gym membership so I could still shower :) Oh the adventures of living in Alaska!

Since Levi has been back we’ve had a good time fishing, biking and hiking. Well at least until about Memorial Day. Since Memorial Day we’ve been getting a lot of rain, which I am told is very uncommon for this time of year in Fairbanks.

A couple weeks ago we did a road trip with Levi’s parents starting in Anchorage drove up to Paxon and across the Denali Highway, which is a 150-mile dirt road, which is only open during the summer time.

We stopped along the way to do some fishing.

We came across this old abandoned fishing lodge, which had a creepy morgue freezer in one of the cabins.

Then we stopped for a couple days in Denali and saw some wild life and explored the park.

Our last stop was back here in Fairbanks; we did a gold mine tour, riverboat tour, and ate a lot of really good food.

We also tried fishing in Fairbanks at a few places in Fairbanks, but we were pretty overwhelmed by mosquitoes…

Overall it has been a pretty great summer so far :)

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